Artist Statement

Connection is a way of human life

These connections can be found in all aspects of living. As human beings, we find connections to each other, to the earth, and finally to ourselves. Dance provides an avenue of connective exploration between the mind, body and spirit. Movement allows for the individual to gain understanding over themselves which ultimately leads to a greater understanding of the world around us.

I connected to life through dance. Dance has brought new perspectives and concepts. My eyes have been opened and my dreams have only flown higher as I’ve embraced the dance world. Since stepping into my first studio during my freshman year of college, dance has become an exploration process. As I’ve grown in technique and choreography, one clear concept has come forth; dance through movement is more about the process then the final product. It’s all about finding the connection. Every composition is a new door to open; a new connection.

My choreography is pulled from everything I know, down to the daily routine of my average day. Movement is all around and is beautiful in its own right. Dancing allows the ordinary to become extraordinary. It has the potential to create stronger connections to the world around us and our own personal relationships. If my choreography can reach out and connect to just one person in the audience, I have achieved my purpose as an artist.